Website Globalization

Regardless of your sector or industry, your website is an increasingly vital part of your global business strategy.

This is particularly true when entering new locales, as your website can prove to be a highly effective means of sharing your business’s brand message with emerging markets, kindling new leads while generating additional revenue.

With our website globalization service, we at ACCU Solutions can ensure that your website resonates with the culture, customs and colloquialisms of your target audience. It is no longer enough to simply translate words directly from one language to another. Web users from across the world now expect online content to speak to them in a language they understand.

A Comprehensive Website Globalization Service From ACCU Solutions

Our website globalization process is always tailored to the specific online requirements of your business, but it usually involves the following:

  • The translation and localization of your web content
  • The translation of your website’s user interfaces
  • Ensuring that all website graphics are appropriate for your target audience
  • Developing a generic underlying source code that can be used across multiple locales, allowing your site to support numerous languages
  • Testing all localized versions of your website for functionality, accessibility, and readability

One of the major issues that often makes website globalization such a costly and time consuming process is the need to ensure consistent routing and reporting between our translation systems and our clients’ content management systems. As time to market is critical for many of our customers, we went to great lengths to find a solution to this problem.

As part of our commitment to delivering a world class website globalization service, we continually invest in advanced technologies that make the sending and receiving of content much easier, and much faster. This has enabled us to drastically reduce the amount of time required to undertake website globalization projects. For our innovative approach to integrating our clients’ content management systems with our translation management systems, we were awarded the illustrious Innovative Technology Award.

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