Software Translation Services

At ACCU Solutions, we offer a high quality multilingual software translation and localization service.

Through simultaneously priming your software products for multiple international audiences, our technical translation specialists will help you to boost revenues in lucrative new markets while establishing a strong international presence.

Many businesses are significantly boosting their revenues and global brand awareness through providing software products for the international market. However, software translation can be an immensely costly and time consuming process. It is not enough to simply translate the written content of your software from one language into another. The technical side of the process can prove hugely challenging, and it is also important to ensure that every facet of your software package has been localized in accordance with the culture, customs and colloquialisms of your target audience.

At ACCU Solutions, we routinely complete high quality comprehensive software translation projects, on time and on budget, for companies from a wide range of industries. Our expert team of technical translators have a long and demonstrable track record in taking on complex and multifaceted software translation projects. They are experienced in every part of the software translation process, including the complex technical and coding demands, and the delicate localization procedures.

A Complete Software Translation Service From ACCU Solutions

The most successful software translation projects invariably run parallel with the development of the source project, as this makes it possible to ship all language versions simultaneously. At ACCU Solutions, we have an advanced project management system. If you enlist us at the preparation and planning stage of your project, we can devise an intelligent strategy that will ensure that the entire process is as streamlined and efficient as possible.

A common problem with any software translation project is ensuring consistency between our translation systems and our clients’ content management systems. To counter this, our technical translation team continually invests in advanced technologies that make the sending and receiving of content much easier, and much faster. Indeed, we were awarded the illustrious Innovative Technology Award in recognition of our innovative approach to software translation.

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