Technical Publications

At ACCU Solutions, we offer a comprehensive technical translation service to clients from a wide range of industries.

As part of this, our linguistic experts regularly undertake high quality translations of such technical publications as user manuals, trade journals, employee handbooks and product brochures.

The translation of technical publications presents a number of unique challenges. Regardless of the sector for which they are written, technical publications invariably make use of a wealth of industry specific terminology in order to discuss complex products, systems and procedures. On top of this, some technical publications are specifically written to make such things simple and easy to understand. Despite this, we find that far too many companies assign the task of translating their technical publications to their in-house marketing teams, producing mixed results.

The successful translation of technical publications requires a combination of industry specific technical knowledge and expert linguistic abilities. However, it is never enough to simply translate directly from one language into another. Instead, people expect for all materials to be written in a language that resonates with them. As such, localization also plays a huge role in all technical translation processes.

The precise and accurate translation of your technical publications can prove crucial to your international success. Get it wrong, and you will struggle to connect with your clients, customers and employees overseas. Using skilled technical translators can potentially highlight errors or ambiguities in the source text because the project team understands the technical information, which can then improve all versions of a technical publication. But get it right, and you can enhance your customer service, the efficiency of your international operations, and the quality of your manufacturing processes.

It is therefore vital that you rely on the services of a professional technical translation agency. Our skilled team of linguistic experts will help you to connect with an international audience through localizing your technical publications for the customs and colloquialisms of your target market. With our stringent quality assurance process, we will ensure that the precise meaning of your original documents is retained, and that nothing is ever lost in translation.

Our technical translation specialists regularly handle the following technical publications:

  • Operational manuals
  • Employee handbooks
  • Schematics and engineering specifications
  • Product brochures
  • Promotional literature
  • E-books and e-learning materials

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