Multilingual SEO Services

At ACCU Solutions, we have extensive experience in managing multilingual search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns for clients from a range of industries.

Indeed, devising a consistent and flexible multilingual SEO strategy is an essential part of the larger website localization process.

Multilingual SEO projects are a lot more complex and challenging than projects that only involve one language. Many companies across the world offer a multilingual SEO service. At ACCU Solutions, we stand out through our ability to place your requirements within the context of a larger website localization project. Where many companies will simply provide a direct translation of your keywords, we can help you to develop a strategy that will increase your international visibility and boost your web traffic in order to kindle strong global brand awareness.

Keywords are at the root of any SEO campaign. They help you to establish focus, enabling you to “optimize” each page on your site for certain terms. When it comes to multilingual SEO, extensive keyword research must be conducted in every country in which you want to operate. After this, the strategy is broken down into two core areas: On-page optimization, and off-page optimization.

On-page Optimization in Multilingual SEO

As part of our multilingual SEO strategy, we will perform a full web audit in order to determine just how easy it is for search engines to index and navigate your site. There are many factors that can determine your site’s technical compatibility with search engines, such as site architecture, page hierarchy, site maps, redirects, coding, and navigation. We will provide your web developers with a full technical review, properly defining the steps that must be undertaken in order to optimize your site for international search engines.

We can also advise you on implementing your chosen keywords into the relevant site meta data and on-page content. This plays a huge role in determining rankings, as it sends clear signals to search engines concerning just what your website is about.

When it comes to multilingual SEO, on-page optimization is only part of the story. Off-page optimization also plays a huge role in driving traffic and increasing rankings, allowing your company’s site to compete at the top level in search results. Link building is a key off-page optimization strategy. As part of our multilingual SEO strategy, we will help you to earn links from high quality websites that are relevant to your specific industry.

Given that search engines such as Google regularly update their algorithms, all SEO strategies must be flexible and prepared to adapt to changes in the digital marketplace. At ACCU Solutions, we can help you to devise a multilingual SEO strategy designed for long term sustainable success, as opposed to short term gain.

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